AUGUST 3, 2009

Doing better than expected…

Online advertising trust is on the rise worldwide.

According to the “Global Online Consumer Survey” by Nielsen, 41% of worldwide Internet users trusted online advertising.

Level of Trust in Online Advertising* According to Internet Users Worldwide, by Region, April 2009 (% of respondents)

The region with the highest trust was Latin America, at 53%. Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa were the next-most-trusting of online media, followed by North America and the European Union.

However, Internet users trust some online media more than others.

Seven in 10 users said they “completely” or “somewhat” trusted brand Websites and consumer opinions posted online—a higher rate than for editorial content, brand sponsorships, and TV, newspaper and magazine ads.

Level of Trust in Advertising Tactics/Media According to Internet Users Worldwide, April 2009 (% of respondents)

The least trusted were also new media channels, such as mobile advertising, display ads, video ads and paid search results.

“While online and mobile advertising have perhaps the steepest hill to climb for consumer trust,” wrote the authors of the report, “the good news is that trust in online is growing.”

For more information, see Does Anyone Trust the Media?

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