According to data from IBOPE Media, the internet has become the third most popular media among moms in urban Brazil. Trailing only TV and radio in penetration rates, close to half of moms living in metropolitan areas around the country spent time online in August 2012.


Most connected moms spent their online time on email, navigating social networks and reading the news. Almost 60% also posted content to social networks and 46% consulted health websites.


Though shopping online was not among the leading activities of connected moms, Mother’s Day 2013 in Brazil was a big day for internet sales, pointing to the fast rise of ecommerce in the country. Between April 26 and May 11, e-bit estimated retail ecommerce sales in the country reached above $513 million, a 15% growth rate over the same seasonal shopping period in 2012. The leading product category in number of orders was fashion and accessories, followed by personal care and beauty in second, and mobile phones coming in third.

A March 2013 study by Mercado Livre and OH!Panel found that mobile phones were among the most desired gifts for Mother’s Day, wanted by 30.6% of surveyed mom internet users, trailing only tablets, the preferred present according to almost 40.2% of respondents. These results mark the third year in a row that mobile devices topped Mother’s Day wishlists, though tablets took the lead over mobile phones in the 2011 edition of the survey.


A change from the previous year was that clothing took over travel as the fourth most wanted Mother’s Day gift, another sign of the category’s growing popularity in Brazil’s ecommerce market, alongside mom’s on-the-go technological inclinations.